Engraved is an Umeå-based melodic deathmetal-band originally active during the mid nineties. The band was originally formed under the name Apathy in 1992/93 but was reformed early 1994 under the name Engraved with only frontmen Johan Eklund and Rikard Sandberg remaining. The band went through quite a few lineup changes after that before a regular lineup was formed in late 1994. They managed to record 3 demos and 1 promo tape during this period before the band split during spring 1996 as lead guitarist Rikard Sandberg abandoned the band. Johan Eklund tried to find a replacement lead guitarist but due to unforeseen circumstances the band had to be put on hiatus.

Engraved finally reformed in late 2009/early 2010 with only vocalist Johan Eklund left from the original lineup but with old member Martin Runnzell returning. The band has since released two demos, first Ashes back in 2010 and the critically acclaimed Days We Dread in 2012. The band has promised at least another release but cannot at this time promise when it will be finished.